BB Life Surrogacy

From the first moment

the path to your baby from the first moment

BB Life Surrogacy

From the first moment

the path to your baby from the first moment

BB Life Surrogacy

BB surrogacy

Founded in 2014 with the aim of making your dreams a reality, our centre has the rightful pride of having children through legal means hundreds of families from most European and Middle Eastern countries in the process. We know best the feelings, desires, and anxieties of those who suffer from having children for any reason.

In the process, we build relationships with our families to the degree of friend warmth, while also balancing your schedule with transparent and professional service.


We plan every detail from the moment you start until you reach your baby.




BB Life Surrogacy


Surrogacy is the method by which embryos, created from eggs and sperm by the IVF method of people who want to have a baby, are transferred to another healthy and fertile female womb and have a baby. The child born with this method carries entirely the genetics of the egg and sperm owner.


We know what you want, how you want it.

Call us as a first step.

Get to our 7/24 online free advice line via Whatsapp and we'll do your planning together based on your health conditions.

Embryo transfer

The embryos created are transferred simultaneously to our surrogate mother, whose womb preparation is completed. The remaining embryos are then frozen for use and stored in our centre.

Surrogate choice

Of our criteria-compliant candidates, our doctor identifies the candidate best suited to you following all analysis and gynaecological examination and begins medical preparation.

9 months of maintenance,

Pregnancy begins with pregnancy testing 12 days after embryo transfer. All of the surrogate's 9-month checks and tests are shared with you at any moment. (You can also participate in any check-up at any time.)

Creating an embryo

According to your state of health, the medical preparation of the mother or donor, as well as the uptake of sperm from the father-to-be, are again provided under our doctor's control and embryos are created.

Time of birth

We welcome you from 7 to 10 days. Postpartum legal proceedings at our hospital are completed and the birth certificate is delivered to you.

BB Life Surrogacy


We will enjoy welcoming you for both country selections. From the moment you land at the airport, alongside all the transport and accommodation services we have previously identified together, we provide all the amenities so that you can have an enjoyable and peaceful time as long as you are our guest.


BB Life Surrogacy

BB Life Surrogacy: Your Path to Parenthood, Our Commitment to Care Welcome to BB Life Surrogacy, where dreams of parenthood... daha fazla oku

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BB Life Surrogacy

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