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Surrogacy is the method by which embryos, created from eggs and sperm by the IVF method of people who want to have a baby, are transferred to another healthy and fertile female womb and have a baby.

The child born with this method carries entirely the genetics of the egg and sperm owner. No genetic traits pass from a surrogate to a baby. Couples who will always resort to surrogacy are not necessarily using their own eggs and sperm. If their own eggs or sperm are not possible to use, all donation options are reviewed and the program is executed as such.

BB Life Surrogacy

Who Does Surrogacy Apply to?

BB Life Surrogacy

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BB Life Surrogacy

Process Start

The first step in surrogacy is; starts with preliminary testing of the couple who need this process by contacting our centre.

Then the biological mother's IVF treatment, which lasts an average of 10-12 days, moves to egg preparation. If you wish this treatment, you can do it with your own IVF in your city or with our doctor in our hospital. In case you do it in your own city, our doctor is conducting your follow-up online. With the completion of preparation of eggs, egg collection is performed in our hospital. On the same day, sperm from the father-to-be is fertilised in the lab and the resulting embryos are transferred to the surrogate. The remaining embryos are freeze-stored. Babies born with this method carry their own parents' genetics, meaning they are the baby's biological parents. The baby doesn't get any genes from the surrogate. The lack of ovaries and/or sperm, poor quality of eggs and/or sperm, decreased number of eggs, genetic problems, and so on, eggs and sperm donation can be performed in addition to surrogacy. In this process, eggs obtained from the donor by IVF are fertilized with the sperm of the paternal candidate, and the embryos formed are transferred to the surrogate at the appropriate time.

BB Life Surrogacy

Surrogate Preparation

Our doctor conducts gynaecological examinations. All blood tests of the surrogate are done again and his suitability is confirmed. These checks and tests are shared with you at any moment. Once all conditions are met, the womb is proceeded to preparation. The surrogate's treatment is planned in conjunction with the menstrual cycle to prepare her womb for pregnancy. During this treatment process, ultrasound scans are carried out at regular intervals and embryo transfer is performed once the womb is ready with the required drug protocol.

Legal Actions and Procedures in Surrogacy

In order to uphold the legal requirements and protect the rights of the applicant, our team, which specializes in surrogacy, completes the produs from the state on behalf of couples applying for Cyprus. For couples who apply in Georgia, the notary authorized by the surrogate mother and the state of Georgia provides for the contract, which includes arrangements prepared in both Turkish and Georgian, protecting all rights of the family and the baby to be born.

So the surrogate mother belongs to the couple with the entire baby to be born after giving birth, and the surrogate cannot claim rights over the baby. In addition, the birth certificate contains the genetic mother's name as a mother, and the genetic father's name as a father. Single men can also have this procedure done in accordance with procedures for having a baby.