We will enjoy welcoming you for both country selections. From the moment you land at the airport, alongside all the transport and accommodation services we have previously identified together, we provide all the amenities so that you can have an enjoyable and peaceful time as long as you are our guest.

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The way surrogacy is welcomed in Cyprus is more tolerant and libertarian. For example, regulations in Cyprus allow the transfer of embryos to the surrogate mother - centre can transfer the embryo from prospective parents to surrogates without any legal challenges. Rest assured that a firm deal will be put in place. Thus, both parties will be satisfied with the terms, treatment options and associated costs. Cyprus is a country with fairly high living standards and affordable living expenses. Rest assured it will be worth the journey you take here for your treatment.

Here you can enjoy your experience more, lower your stress levels. Like many island nations, Cyprus is home to excellent weather all year round. You can enjoy the whole experience with relief thanks to its climate, even if you arrive in the winter months. Cypriot surrogacy and IVF success rates are extremely high. Thanks to the combination of quality treatment and conveniences in law, you can experience this tremendous quality of therapy without any concern.

BB Life Surrogacy


Georgia tops surrogacy's countries with the oldest and reliable legal procedure. 143 of the Constitution. and 144. every step from embryo transfer, to postpartum, thanks to its substances It is secured. For one thing, Georgia is one of the most affordable places for IVF treatments. Of your dreams while making progress to make it happen, it helps reduce costs.

Touristically, 12 months of the year offers a different experience. Especially its cuisine and its commitment to its own cultures allow Georgia to find space from the front row. With a high success rate on surrogacy and IVF again, it allows you to run your anxiety levels at the lowest points, with peace of mind.