Why Us?

1 - Our success rate

In order to maintain the highest level of pregnancy rates from 2014 to the present day, our center continuously keeps medical equipment and protocols up to date with our clinics. You can obtain these reports from our hospitals and clinics in person if you wish. Based on average our success rates over the last 3 years;

2- Team of Experts in IVF

From the moment you take the first step, your coordination is met by our expert friends. Our medical doctors, embryologists and coordinators who specialize in IVF in both Georgia and Cyprus are conducting your treatment. Contact us to meet the team, the hospital and our doctors.

3- Our State of the Art Hospitals & Laboratories

Our American-certified hospital in Georgia and our hospital with state-of-the-art medical equipment that currently follows European protocols in Cyprus make you feel how close you are to success from the moment you step inside. Contact us to see our hospitals and labs.

4- Tailored Protocol

As soon as you contact us we review your health condition and all your additional circumstances and determine the protocol for treatment tailored to you. It gives you the most convenient options, with all its transparency, we make the choice together.

5 - Widest Surrogate and Donor Database

With over 150 gynecologically and socially approved volunteer surrogates, we are eliminating the hold with the largest egg donor database. As soon as you decide on treatment, we offer the possibility to start.

6 - Patient Confidentiality

Our center takes patient confidentiality policy seriously. No details about your treatment are shared with anyone else without your permission.